Week : 5                                         Period: 14

                                                                UNIT 2: YOUR BODY AND YOU        

    Lesson: Reading 1 – Acupuncture



Activity 1. Look at the picture and answer the questions.



- T shows a picture of acupuncture and ask Ss some questions to set the scene:

1-  Do you know what kind of medical treatment is?

2-  Do you know anything about acupuncture?

Activity 2. Newwords and expressions

1.   acupuncture (n) /ˈækjupʌŋktʃə(r)/: a Chinese method of treating pain and illness using special thin needles that are pushed into the skin in particular parts of the body (châm cứu)

2.   yin and yang  (n) / jɪn ənd jæŋ/ (âm dương)

     a balance between yin and yang  (n.phr) /ˈbæləns bɪˈtwiːn jɪn ənd jæŋ/: sự cân bằng âm dương

     an imbalance between yin and yang (n.phr) /imˈbæləns bɪˈtwiːn jɪn ənd jæŋ/: sự mất cân bằng âm dương

Eg: Traditional Chinese people believe good health is gained by a balance between yin and yang

(Người Trung Quốc xưa tin rằng sức khoẻ tốt là do có sự cân bằng âm dương trong cơ thể.)

3. originate (v) /əˈrɪdʒɪneɪt/: to happen or appear for the first time in a particular place or situation (bắt nguồn)

4.  needle  (n) /ˈniːdl/:  a small thin piece of steel that you use for sewing, with a point at one end and a hole for the thread at the other (kim)

5.  ailment (n) /ˈeɪlmənt/an illness that is not very serious: (bệnh nhẹ)

        Eg: I used to get all usual childhood ailments

             (Tôi từng bị tất cả các chứng bệnh thông thường của trẻ nhỏ.)

6.  acupoint (n) /ˈækjupɔɪnt/(huyệt châm cứu)

             ═  pressure point (n. phr) /ˈpreʃə(r) pɔɪnt/

                     Eg: A normal person has more than 2,000 acupoints.

              (Một người bình thường có trên 2.000 huyệt châm cứu.)

7.  bleed (v) /ˈbliːd/: to lose blood, especially from a wound or an injury (chảy máu)

     bleeding (a) [only before noun] ═ bloody

     bleeding (n) /ˈbliːdɪŋ/: the process of losing blood from the body (sự chảy máu)

8.  cure (v/n) /kjʊə(r)/: to make a person or an animal healthy again after an illness (chữa trị/ sự chữa trị)

9.  proof (n) /pruːf/: information, documents, etc. that show that something is true (bằng chứng)

10. alternative (n) /ɔːlˈtɜːnətɪv/: a thing that you can choose to do or have out of two or more possibilities (sự thay thế)

11. side effect (n.phr) /ˈsaɪd ɪˌfekt/: an unexpected result of a situation or course of action that happens as well as the result you were aiming for (tác dụng phụ)

       Eg: Drugs usually have some side effects.

             (Thuốc Tây thường có một số tác dụng phụ.)

12. precaution (n) /prɪˈkɔːʃn/:  something that is done in advance in order to prevent problems or to avoid danger (khuyến cáo, lưu ý)

        Eg: You should read the precautions carefully before taking this medicine.

                (Bạn nên đọc kĩ khuyến cáo trước khi sử dụng loại thuốc này.)


Activity 3. (3.p19.textbook): Read the text quickly and find words which are closest in meaning to the following.

1. diseases (n) = ailments (ốm đau, bệnh tật)

2. stop (v) = ease (dừng, làm giảm, xoa dịu)

3. pressure points = acupoints (huyệt)

4. care (n) = precaution (sự thận trọng, phòng ngừa)

5. choice (n) = alternative (lựa chọn, sự thay thế)

6. cure (n) = treatment (chữa trị)

7. proof (n) = evidence (bằng chứng)

8. enhance (v) = promote (đẩy mạnh)


Activity 4.  Complete the sentences with the words given in the box:


needles                           bleeding                             side effects

yin and yang                    acupuncture                        precaution

1. ________ is one of the oldest medical treatments in the world.

2. The most common ________ with acupuncture are soreness, slight bleeding, or discomfort.

3. Acupuncture modality relies on sophisticated skills to select appropriate acupoints to insert ________  accurately.

      4. Vietnamese people believe that ailments are caused by a/an imbalance ________.

      5. People who have ________ problems or are taking blood related medicine should not have the acupuncture. 

6. She was taken to hospital as a _______.


1. acupuncture                       2. side effects                         3. needles                   

4. yin and yang                       5. bleeding                              6. precaution


Activity 5. Choose the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

1. Acupuncture originated in China and has been used as a traditional medicine for thousands of years.

            A. began                      B. created                    C. developed               D. introduced

2. Acupuncture can treat from simple to complicated ailments.

            A. acupoints                B. diseases                  C. points                     D. treatments

3. There is no evidence at this time that acupuncture can treat cancer itself.

            A. contribution           B. data                         C. proof                       D. sign

4. Some people believe that acupuncture can be a cure of cancer.

            A. opportunity            B. practice                  C. invention                D. treatment

5. Are there any alternatives that might provide better options for gay people?

            A. choices                   B. decisions                C. statements              D. votes


  1. A         2. B                 3. C                 4. D                 5. A


Activity 6. Make sentences with 5 words you’ve learnt.



- Learn by heart the words and phrases.

- Do Exercises 1 + 2 + 3 + 4/ page 20 – textbook (Lesson: Speaking)


* Words and phrases:

- to get rid of (phr.v) = give up = stop: từ bỏ

- naughty habit  (n. phr) /ˈnɔːti ˈhæbɪt/ = bad habit: thói quen xấu

- inspire (v) /ɪnˈspaɪə(r)/ = encourage: khuyến khích

- to kick a habit (idm) = to stop a habit: từ bỏ thói quen

- shake up (phr.v): = rearrange:  xáo trộn, xếp lại

- hang out with sb (idm): đi chơi, lui tới chơi  

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