GRADE 11 - Week: 6 - Period: 18




Warm-up: Picture discussion

Act. 1. Vocabulary

1. rely on/ up sb/st (v.phr): to need a particular thing or the help and support of someone or something in order to continue, to work correctly, or to succeed: (dựa vào )

- Ex: Can we confidently rely on him to get the job done?

2. confident (a) /ˈkɒnfɪdənt/: being certain of your abilities or having trust in peopleplans, or the future: (tự tin)

- Ex: They don't sound confident about the future of the industry.

3. independent (a) /ˌɪndɪˈpendənt/: confident and free to do things without needing help from other people (độc lập)

- Ex: Grandma's very independent and does all her own shopping and cooking.

4. reliable (a) /rɪˈlaɪəbl/: Someone or something that is reliable can be trusted or believed because he, she, or it works or behaves well in the way you expect: (đáng tin cậy )

- Ex: Gideon is very reliable - if he says he'll do something, he'll do it.

5. determined (a) /dɪˈtɜːmɪnd/:  wanting to do something very much and not allowing anyone or any difficulties to stop you: (quyết tâm)

- Ex: She will get the job she wants - she's a very determined person.

6. self-reliant (a) /ˌself rɪˈlaɪənt/: not needing help or support from other people: (tự lực) 

- Ex: Single parents have to be self-reliant and inventive.

7. well-informed (a) about st/ˌwel ɪnˈfɔːmd/: having a lot of knowledge or information about a particular subject or things in general:  (hiểu biết/ có kiến thức về)

- Ex: Marilyn is well-informed about the stock market.

8. decisive (a) /dɪˈsaɪsɪv/: able to make decisions quickly and confidently, or showing this quality:  

(quyết đoán)

Ex: You need to be more decisive.

→decisively /dɪˈsaɪsɪvli/ (adv): kiên định, dứt khoát

decision   /dɪˈsɪʒ.ən/(n) : choice that you make about something after thinking about several possibilities: (quyết định)


Act. 2. (1. page 31.textbook) Listen and read


Act. 3. (2. page 31.textbook) Answer the questions about the conversation


1. Because Minh doesn't rely on other people for help and isn’t influenced by other people's opinions.

2. Because he always completes his tasks on time, and never needs to be reminded about the assignments and other schoolwork.

3. He tried hard and spent the whole night on a hard Maths problem when most students in the class had given up.

4. He always tries to find solutions to his problems and seldom needs help from others.

5. Responsible, reliable, self-reliant, determined, well-informed and confident.

6. I like his determination most because I think this will greatly help him to overcome difficulties and achieve any targets that he aims for. I will try my best to follow his example.


Act. 4. (3. page 31.textbook) Read the conversation again. Match the words with their definitions.

1. d      2. e      3. b      4. c      5. f       6. a


Act. 5. (4. page 31.textbook) Find the sentences with to-infinitives after adjectives or nouns in the conversation and write them in the space below

1. It's good to have a friend you can rely on.

2. Even our Maths teacher was very surprised to read his answer.

3. His parents must be really pleased to have such a son.

4. But he still has time to read, ...

5. It's interesting to talk to him.

6. I really admire his ability to make decisions so quickly.

7. You're lucky to have a close friend like him.


Act. 6. Which characteristics do we need to become an independent person?

reliable / confident / responsible / determined / decisive / self-reliant /well-informed



+ Learn by heart the new words.

+ Redo the exercises in your textbook.

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