GRADE 11 -  Week: 5 - Period: 14


Lesson: READING 1

Act. 1: Warm-up: Brainstorming  

Act. 2: New words and expressions.

1.  be on good terms with someone  /bi: ɔn gud tɜːmz wið  sʌmwʌn / (idm)

 =be friendly and able to interact well with someone

   thân thiện và có khả năng giao tiếp tốt với ai đó - có quan hệ tốt với người khác

2.  take the initiative / teik ði i'niʃiətiv /  (idm)

= take an opportunity to act before other people do

   có cơ hội để hành động trước khi người khác làm - chủ động

3. trust (v) / trʌst / = have confidence in someone: có niềm tin vào một ai đó - tin tưởng

4.  engage in (a conversation) (phr.v.) = take part in (a conversation)

   / in'geidʤ in / (tham gia (một cuộc trò chuyện) - tham gia vào một cuộc trò chuyện

5.  drop out (of school) (phr.v) = stop going to classes before finishing one’s studies

  / drɔp  aut  (əv  sku:l) /      ngừng đi học trước khi học xong - bỏ học

6.  attract / /əˈtrækt/ (v) :

to pull or draw someone or something towards them, by the qualities they have, especially good ones:

thu hút, lôi cuốn, hấp dẫn

   → attractive / /əˈtræk.tɪv/ (a): thu hút, lôi cuốn, hấp dẫn

   → attraction /  /əˈtræk.ʃən/ (n) : sự thu hút, sự lôi cuốn, sự hấp dẫn

7.  counselor  /ˈkaʊn.səl.ər/ (n)

someone who is trained to listen to people and give them advice about their problems:

 người khuyên bảo, cố vấn

8.  react /ri'ækt/ to act in a particular way as a direct result of something else: phản ứng

→ reaction  /riˈæk.ʃən/ (n) someone's ability to act quickly when something happens: sự phản ứng

9.  contribution kɒn.trɪˈbjuː.ʃən/ (n)

something that you contribute or do to help produce or achieve something together with other people, or to help make something successful: sự đóng góp

→ contribute /kənˈtribjut/ (v) đóng góp, góp phần

10. betray / bi'trei/ (v): phản bội, phụ bạc

betrayal /bi'treiəl/ (n): sự phản bội, hành vi phản bội

betrayer /bi'treiə[r]/  (n) kẻ phản bội

Act. 3: (3.p.23 textbook) Finding the words or expressions in the text that have the following meanings and write them in the space below.

1. be on good terms with someone

2. take the initiative

3. trust

4. engage in (a conversation)

5. drop out of school


Act. 4: Choosing the best answer.

1. He has ________ in a dispute with his former business partner recently.

A. engaging                              B. engaged                   C. engages                   D. engagement

2. In his class, the girls are ___________ all the boys, except him because he’s unsociable.

A. in good terms with              B. in capable of                       C. in charge of             D. in recognition of

3.  “He's such a liar. You can't trust a word he says”. My sister warned me not to trust him. That man is ________.

A. not to be trusted                  B. trusted                     C. not to trust               D. not trusting

4. The international author list includes most of the current key players in impact-related studies and the quality of the individual ________ is correspondingly high.

A. contribute                            B. contributing             C. contributed              D. contributions

5. Life in Los Angeles has so many ________: nightclubs, good restaurants, and so on.

A. attract                                  B. attractions                C. attraction                 D. attractive

6. You need to have quick ________ to play these computer games.

A. reactions                             B. reaction                   C. react                                    D. reacting

7. He was deeply hurt by the ________of his trust by one of his closest friends.

A. betrayer                               B. betray                      C. betrayed                  D. betrayal

8. Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

Sometimes, in order to get things done, you have to take the initiative.

A. make the last decision                     B. make important changes                 

C. raise the first idea                            D. sacrifice for others

KEY:  1. B       2. A     3.A     4.D     5.B      6. A     7. D     8. C

Act. 5: Filling each blank with a suitable word or phrase.


trust          contribute        drop out         on good terms with 

attract       counselor        engage in             take the initiative        



1. Don’t ________ of school under any circumstance or you will be punished.

2. Don't be afraid to ________ and say what you think.

3. The two  governments have agreed to _________   a conversation to resolve the problems.

4. My ex-boss and I are still on friendly terms. Are you __________ your boss?

5. After what she did to me, I'll never ________ her again.

6. These flowers are brightly colored in order to ________butterflies.

7.The college now has a ________to help students with both personal and work problems.

8. Does smoking ________ to lung cancer?


1.  drop out                 

2.  take the initiative               

3.  engage in

4.  on good terms with            

5.  trust           

6.  attract 

7.  counselor

8.  contribute  

Act. 6: Making sentences with the words and expressions you’ve learnt.


1.  Learn the words/ phrases by heart and make 3 sentences with the words/ phrases you’ve learnt.

2. Do exercises 1 + 2 + 3 / pages 12 and 13 – textbook (Lesson: Speaking)   


* New words and expressions:

- find out / faɪnd aʊt/ (phr.v.): discover a fact or piece of information: phát hiện ra, tìm thấy

- get someone’s permission / ɡet sʌmwʌnz pəˈmɪʃ.ən/ (phr.v.) : được sự cho phép của ai đó

- make fun of / meɪk fʌn əv / (phr.v.):make jokes about someone or something in an unkind way:  lấy ai ra làm trò cười, lấy cái gì ra làm trò cười

* Useful expressions:

All members of my group would like to …

We all believe / think / agree that … but first…and then…

The only problem is that …

It is important that …         


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