Week: 6                                                    Period: 18



                                                Lesson: GETTING STARTED - Let’s go green


Warm up:


Act. 1: New words and expressions.

+ go green (v.phr.) /ɡəʊ ɡriːn/ to change your lifestyle habits in ways that are better for the environment

                                                                                    (sống xanh)

+ a green lifestyle (n.phr.) = an environmentally friendly lifestyle (n.phr.)

                                                                                    (lối sống xanh/ thân thiện với môi trường)

   /ə ɡriːˈlaɪfstaɪl/ = /ən ɪnˌvaɪrənmentəli ˈfrendli ˈlaɪfstaɪl/

+ deplete (v) /dɪˈpliːt/: to reduce something by a large amount so that there is not enough left; to be reduced by a large amount                                                       ( rút hết, làm cạn kiệt)

+ mould and mildew (n) /məʊld ændˈmɪldjuː/ a fine soft green, grey or black substance like fur that is a type of fungus and that grows on old food, on walls, plants, or on objects that are left in warm wet conditions                                                                                     (nấm mốc)

+ hazardous (a) /ˈhæzədəs/: involving risk or danger, especially to somebody’s health or safety (nguy hiểm)

à hazard (n) /ˈhæzəd/: something that can be dangerous or cause damage (mối nguy hiểm, hiểm họa)

+ dispose of (v)/dɪˈspəʊz əv/:   to get rid of somebody/something that you do not want or cannot keep

                                                                                    (vứt bỏ)

à disposal (n) /dɪˈspəʊzl/: the act of getting rid of something         (sự vứt bỏ)

+ asthma (n) /ˈæsmə/: a medical condition of the chest that makes breathing difficult (bệnh hen, bệnh suyễn)

+ clutter (v) /ˈklʌtə(r)/: to fill a place or area with too many things, so that it is untidy

( làm bừa bộn, lộn xộn)

              (n)                     a lot of things in an untidy state, especially things that are not necessary or are not being used;  a lack of order                         ( tình trạng bừa bộn, lộn xộn)

+ pathway (n) /ˈpɑːθweɪ/: a track that serves as a path (đường mòn, lối nhỏ)


Act. 2 (1.p.31.textbook): Listen and read.


Act. 3 (2.p.31.textbook): Decide whether the following statements are true (T), false (F), or not given (NG). Tick the correct box.

1. T     

2. F      [Green technology uses renewable resources that are never depleted. It also creates eco-friendly products.]

3. NG 

4. T     

5. F      [Any hazardous chemicals are used for cleaning at your school and start campaigning for their disposal and replacement with eco-friendly products.]


Act. 4 (3.p.31.textbook): Combine each pair of sentences using the word in brackets.

1. Some chemicals can be used for cleaning surfaces but they affect the air quality and cause health problems.

2. We should use renewable resources because they are never depleted.

3. We are trying our best to preserve natural habitats, which will help to save our planet for future generations.

à + TYPES OF SENTENCES: Simple sentences, Compound sentences, Complex sentences

+ Some conjunctions to combine simple sentences into Compound, and Complex sentences: but, because, which,…


Act. 5 (4.p.31.textbook): Find five noun phrases in the conversation that mean the following.

1. climate change                                (biến đổi khí hậu)

2. renewable resources                        (nguồn tài nguyên tái tạo)

3. eco-friendly products                      (sản phẩm thân thiện với môi trường)

4. hazardous chemicals                       (hóa chất độc hại)

5. green technology                            (công nghệ xanh)


Act. 6 (5.p.31.textbook): Answer the question.

What do you think about the Go Green campaign Mai and Maria are launching?

E.A.     I think that their campaign is very helpful to the whole society. It will not only reduce environmental pollution but also save money. 




- Learn by heart all the new words & expressions and make sentences with the words you’ve learnt.

- Find 7 subordinating conjunctions to combine the sentences.




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