WEEK: 6                                                       Period: 17






a. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest in the following questions.

1. A. beard                  B. hear                         C. rear                         D. swear

2. A. age                      B. nation                     C. man                         D. dangerous

3. A. account               B. astound                   C. country                   D. mounting   

b. Choose the word that differs from the other three in the position of primary stress in the following questions.

4. A. industrial                        B. significant               C. sustainable              D. economic

5. A. urbanize             B. overload                 C. estimate                  D. educate



Choose the best option.

1. The map of top ten most densely ____ countries in the world includes Monaco, Singapore, Bahrain, Malta and Bangladesh.

A. populated               B. populating             C. population             D. populate

2. If listeners are overloaded with too much information, they tend to ____.

A. turn off                   B. see off                     C. switch off               D. take off

3. There have been several in-depth and ____ talks on urbanization and its effects delivered in the university hall.

A. thoughtless             B. unthinkable             C. thought-provoking D. thought-raising

4. People migrate to urban areas on a massive ____ for many reasons.

A. scale                       B. level                        C. extent                      D. number

5. In some urban areas, it is reported that the population almost ____.

A. doubles                   B. twice                       C. two times                D. twofold

6. The foreign investors want to make full use           the available facilities that our country offers them. 

A. of                            B. from                        C. in                            D. to

7. I requested that first-year students ____ to change their courses in the first two weeks.

A. would be permitted B. be permitted          C. were permitted       D. are permitted 

8. His advisor recommended that he ____ at least three courses each semester 

A. takes                       B. can take                  C. should take                         D. would take

9. It is important that he ____ to the director of the programme.

A. spoke                     B. speak                      C. would speak           D. speaks

10. The monk insisted that the tourists ____ the temple until they had removed their shoes.

A. not entering            B. not to enter             C. not enter                 D. don't enter 

11. It is about time you______harder for the next exam.

A. work                       B. are working             C. have worked           D. worked

Choose the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

12. People in the city of Porto Alegre in Brazil, famous for its participatory budgeting have a life expectancy of 76 years. 

A. anticipation            B. suspense                 C. lifespan                   D. hopefulness

13. There has been a hot debate among the scientists relating to the pros and cons of using robotic probes to study distant objects in space.

A. problems and solutions                              B. advantages and disadvantages

C. solutions and limitations                            D. causes and effects


Choose the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

14. The best hope of' avoiding down-market tabloid TV future lies in the pressure currently being put on the networks to clean up their act.

A. expensive               B. famous                    C. poor quality            D. uncreative

15. His decision had been made on the spur of the moment

A. all of a sudden        B. out of the blue        C. unexpectedly          D. predictably 



Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

Urbanisation is very common in developing and developed countries as more and more people have the tendency of moving closer to towns and cities to acquire priviledge social and economic services. These (1) _______ social and economic advantages such as better education, health care, sanitation, housing, business opportunities, and transportation.

A large (2) _______ of people move to cities and towns because they (3) _______ rural areas as places with hardship and backward lifestyle. Therefore, as population move to more (4) _______ areas, the immediate outcome is urbanization. This normally contributes (5) _______ the development of land for use in commercial properties, transportation and residential building. Eventually, these activities raise several urbanization issues.

1. A. include                      B. consist                      C. compose                   D. contain

2. A. amount                      B. number                     C. deal                           D. quality

3. A. see                             B. look at                      C. view                          D. think

4. A. developing                B. develop                    C. developed                 D. development

5. A. on                              B. to                              C. with                          D. for


Act.4. WRITING: Change the following sentences / commands into the subjunctive mood.

1. She asked him to fix the computer.

? She requested ___________________________.

2. The judge told the lawyer to be quiet.

? The judge insisted ___________________________.

3. It is necessary for him to open the briefcase as requested by the customs.

? It is necessary that___________________________.

4.  "Could you help me move some boxes,"Tom asked me.

? Tom requested____________________________.

5. "Give me a refund," David told the clerk.

? David demanded___________________________.



HOMEWORK: Redo the exercises.



Act.1.              1. D     2. C     3. C     4. D     5. B

Act.2.              1. A     2. C     3. C     4. A     5. A     6. A     7. B     8. C    

9. B     10. C   11. D   12. C   13. B   14. A   15. D

Act.3.              1. A     2. B     3. A     4. C     5. B


1. ? She requested that he (should) fix the computer.

2. ? The judge insisted that the lawyer (should) be quiet.

3. ? It is necessary that he (should) open the briefcase as requested by the customs.

4. ? Tom requested that I (should) help him move some boxes.

5. ? David demanded that the clerk (should) give him a refund.



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